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Web Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Great marketing term – but what does it really mean?google

In short, search engine optimization (SEO) means ranking within top three of major search engines (Google being top dog) when a user searches your key phrases. Think of keywords as the bread crumbs that lead your target audience to your site. Your customers aren’t searching for your business by name but what product or service they require – making SEO just as important as the web design itself!

17 out of 20 of your customers turn to search engines to research businesses.

Where do you rank on Google?

In this crowded, competitive world of online marketing, only a handful of businesses make it to the top of search engine listings. Even many of the biggest, most profitable companies don’t show up in the top 50, 75 or 100.

If you use search engines yourself, you know this: the top is the only place to be. Most of your potential customers won’t bother wading through countless results.

Some Tricks of the SEO Trade

We offer several services that help get your business on top and maintain its status;

  • Keyword Profitability – Number of people searching for that phrase/word vs. the number of websites listed for that phrase = the opportunity for you to place within the top three pages
  • Page Title and MetaTag Development – Keywords, descriptions, page titles, this is how the major search engines find/categorize your website and what is displayed on the search engine
  • Link Placement (to and from)
  • Content Targeting – Make sure your content is search engine friendly, directing your customers to the right place that makes sense
  • Image Alt Tags – A small, detailed description for all graphics and photos that appear on roll-over
  • Search Engine Submission – Submitting your URL to major search engines and directories so they know who you are
  • Search Engine Ranking Reports – Find out where you and your competitors currently stand  in the search engines.
  • Traffic Generation – Developing e-tools that direct more traffic your way such as email campaigns, traditional advertising methods, signature lines, contests, etc.
  • Pay-Per-Click Management

Web Project Planning

Planning is key to success

Starting a business without planning is one of the primary reasons for business failure – launching a web project without the proper planning is just setting your business up to fail. With the creation of an ‘E-Plan’ we can effectively assess your development needs/costs, site marketing, target audiences and overall business objectives for your online presence.

Evaluate Your Website

Marketing of your website is only as good as the website itself.

Your website is a major part of your online presence and brand image. What does your current website say about your business? We provide a full report on what your website says about your brand, including competitor website analysis.

The report also details what you should be doing to achieve higher success online. If your website doesn’t contain the right information, if it isn’t designed professionally or doesn’t have any value then your visitors will leave. We have worked with focus groups and advisory panels made of clients, prospects and staff to provide even more insight on how your site could improve.

Expand With Email Marketing

No – we don’t mean ‘spam’!

Email is still proving to be the fastest, highest ROI and preferred method of communication with existing customers. People prefer to do business by email because they can process it on their own time (as opposed to telemarketing), they can initiate a conversation very easily (as opposed to a website), it’s easy to delete if they’re not interested (as opposed to direct mail) and it’s easy to purchase.

From your point of view, you will see results immediately as opposed to waiting for responses from print or other media campaigns, sometimes even within seconds of sending the email. The cost to change an email campaign is very low and can be done mid-stream if necessary. And most importantly, the buy in rate of email compared to any other medium is substantially higher. We develop opt-in and permission based email campaigns in plain text, HTML or rich text that work with your company for your customers.