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Want to build a website for under $5,000?


Want to build a website for under $5,000?

Over half the website inquiries we get are from people/businesses that want to spend under five thousand dollars on a new website or a website redesign.

First let’s do the math and attempt to JUSTIFY the $5K or less budget so we can confirm that that is the maximum budget you can afford. Here’s a simple example of how to justify your web budget.

If you work in a typical services business, then the primary value of a website is increased visibility and credibility that will hopefully motivate new clients to contact you to purchase your services. Now do the math – what’s a new client worth to you? How many more clients/deals do you think you can close with your new website? If a new client is worth $300 – $500 a year and you estimate a website can convert 5 – 10 new clients per month, then that’s worth $18K – $60K in revenue per year. In this scenario, a $5K website may cost too much or be a bargain, based on your business goals.


profit with website


Now you’ve estimated the potential value of a website to your business, what’s the going cost for the website you need? Website costs are usually based on the complexity of the website. The more complex a website is, the more time and experience it will take to create. Website pages like “Contact Us” or “About Us” are primarily informational and are very easy to create, whereas pages that involve dealer locators, user accounts, shopping, custom search, etc., may take many, many hours to develop.


website complexity = cost


If your website is composed of simple content pages and you don’t have a lot of them, then the complexity should be low and therefore the number of hours required and the budget should also be low.

Another important factor that affects the cost is the level of design you need –

  • Do you require custom animations or diagrams? or would you be happy with some simple stock art images?
  • Do you have a logo – logo design costs could eat up your budget.
  • Are you easy to please? If not, you could easily blow your budget on continual design revisions.

If we’ve established that your complexity is low and you don’t have extensive design needs, you could still be within a $5K budget. Next step is to identify who can develop the website for $5,000 or less. Here are your options:

  1. One-person shop or freelance website designer. These types of businesses have low overhead and can probably deliver the website we’ve discussed for under $5K. The bad news is that some of these people are not as “stable” as an established web agency and their service offerings may be limited. For example they may be strong at programming or design but weak in other disciplines. Do they offer marketing, website maintenance and other solutions that you will need?
  2. Offshore website design shop. There are many offshore companies that can provide cheap web services because their labor cost is low. The bad news here is that communication is always an issue and quality control is hard to maintain. These types of companies tend to have a one-size-fits-all philosophy and will just slap your content into one of their standard web templates.
  3. The DIY (do it yourself) option. There are many DIY services such as weebly.com and wix.com, etc. They make it “easy” to build your own website in a couple of days. The issue here is, do you have the time, patience and expertise to put a decent website together?

Unfortunately, few domestic, small agencies and probably no mid-size web agency will touch a website for $5,000 or less. The reason is the cost of labor, the tools and processes they have in place necessitate a minimum budget far above $5K. We know of several web agencies that won’t touch any project under $100K.

So bottom line. Do you really want to build a website for under $5,000?

If your answer is “yes”, consider one of the 3 options listed above. If the value of a website to your business can justify a higher budget, then inquire with local, professional web firms to see if your project is a fit. Of course you can always call us at Big Daddy Web Designs and we’d be happy to provide a free consultation on any size website.