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Social Media Marketing

Joining The Conversation

Do you know who is talking about your business? They are talking about you no matter if you are using social media or not. Connecting with your target audience allows you to monitor your brand’s reputation in case of an issue. Not reacting to a negative comment about your business could be even more damaging then the original statement. A website by itself just isn’t enough anymore. Both customers and marketing methods have changed, it is no longer about broadcasting a message but engaging with potential and current customers.

Use social media to expand your website traffic by;

  • Connecting Your Business To Social Media (Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook)
  • Branding Social Media Pages
  • Fully Integrating Online Properties (Website, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • Blog Creation
  • Online Brand Management (RSS feeds, Google Alerts, etc)

Improve Your Rankwin8.1_ie_11.0 (1)

If Search Engine Optimization is a popularity contest – Social Media wins you the vote. Google ranks web pages based on how popular they are, when your business has just a website, the search engine will likely give you a lower rank. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogger give your business the popularity it has always wanted.

Online Community Management 

Don’t have time to update your online presence frequently? That’s where we come in. We understand how to grow and manage your online community with consistent updates, relevant information, engagement strategies and development of quality content.

This may include weekly updates of;

  • Producing Blog Content
  • Facebook/Twitter Updates
  • Engaging/Interacting with Followers
  • Tracking Impressions/Analytics

Social Media Consulting & Training

Many businesses find themselves creating a Facebook or Twitter account without truly understanding how they can use it effectively or in some cases at all. Don’t feel lost in this new social media world we live in. Learn how to leverage your online presence to turn followers into paying customers.

Get a Social Media Check-Up, which includes

  • Social Media Audit
  • Set-Up of Social Media Accounts ie. Twitter, Linked In, Blogger, etc (if required)
  • Specific Recommendations
  • Implementation Plan
  • Further Support

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