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Smartphones run the world

Mobile site or app, Resources

Did you happen to notice the influx of Smartphone activity in the last couple of years? Texting and email are now just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using your mobile device. People are using their phones to check Twitter, Facebook, search on Google, research businesses, visit websites and make purchases from just about anywhere.


So what does that mean for websites that lack mobile capability? Your content will still appear but be difficult for a mobile user to navigate through. More often than not the user will stop browsing if the site isn’t performing correctly on their device. Think of your mobile site as a pared down version of your current one. This creates a straight to the point platform that works perfectly with a strong call to action and relevant content.


Consider the Facts


  • 75 percent of all Canadian households have a mobile phone.
  • 50 percent of phone connections in Canada are wireless.
  • Canadians send 100 million text messages per day.

Integrate Social Media


Allow your users to connect with you easier by integrating all social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Blog and YouTube, creating a mobile hub for your brand. Having everything in one place increases shareability across all platforms.

This is where you turn causal visitors into loyal followers.

Apps vs. Mobile sites

Apps aren’t short for Appetizers


An “app” is a software application that is written in the native language of a particular platform that must be downloaded by the user and can operate offline. Mobile websites can perform and run like a web application – easy to load, navigate and read your marketing messages/other content. A website that can operate on all devices will broaden your marketing reach, allowing new users to find your business.


We get asked consistently what the difference between an app and a mobile website is. So what is the main differences? To start, your mobile site will cost a lot less and save valuable time than opting for the development of a web app. Search engines pick up the mobile site’s results when someone uses your keywords, allowing for easier accessibility. Unlike apps, users don’t have to download anything, simply click and explore, making the experience more pleasurable.

Understanding the Difference

Web Apps

  • Provides users with unique experience
  • Operates offline
  • Launches immediately after clicking
  • Uses native code – higher performance
  • More expensive (need we continue?)
  • Requires more development time
  • Apps can only be purchased through the App store
  • Requires permissions prior to application launch

Mobile Website

  • Less costly than an app
  • Can be found in search engine results
  • Works on any mobile platform
  • No permissions needed to launch
  • Use your CMS to update your mobile site
  • Not written in native code
  • Needs Internet connection to operate
  • Might not load as easy
  • Not as focused as an app


Ask us which would work better for your company

Don’t get left behind…


Users want your information quicker and on demand – with the implementation of a mobile site you can give your target audience exactly what they want. Look at your competitors; do they have a mobile website? If not, hurry before they catch on!