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Web Development
Web development is our bread and butter. Our sites are not only user friendly, easy to up-date and ‘pretty’ – they actually sell your business. We use WordPress, specialty programming (primarily in PHP, MySQL & ASP) that integrates outside resources into your website seamlessly, giving you a one-up on the competition.

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Web Marketing & SEO
Web Marketing encompasses everything to do with promotion of your business’s website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), integration of Google Analytics, social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, increase high quality traffic to your website, online media buys and email newsletters. Once your website is up and running it does no good sitting on the web, people need to be able to find if from many different avenues.

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Web Design
Your website is an extension of your brand. In this rapidly changing business world every website has an expiry date. Don’t let your site go out-of-date, keep your design professional, current and innovative. Web design incorporates colour schemes, layout, fonts, creative themes, navigational structure, and graphics – building your business the highest performing site.

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Identity and Branding
Convey your marketing messages more clearly, consistently and professionally. Brand identity is more than just a logo, it is the visual voice and personality of your company. Through the use of colour, texture, layout, typography, and copy, our designers help clarify your corporate image.

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Social Media Marketing
Do you know who is talking about your business? They are talking about you no matter if you are using social media or not. Connecting with your target audience allows you to monitor your brand’s reputation in case of an issue Not reacting to a negative comment about your business could be even more damaging then the original statement.

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