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Client Website Questionnaire


Client Website Questionnaire

In order for any digital agency to provide an accurate recommendation and estimate, a certain amount of discovery is required. Our client questionnaire below starts the process by asking key questions about project requirements.

If a question isnʼt relevant or you donʼt know the answer, just leave it blank. Within the list we have provided some relevant links to short videos and blog articles.

General Information:

Who are the primary contacts/stakeholders from your organization, and what are their roles?

What is your intended launch date for the new site/project? Are there any outside considerations that might affect this schedule (for example, PR launch, trade show, annual report)?

Do you have a specific budget range already established for this project/ Can this project be divided into phases to accommodate budget and timing constraints?

What third party companies or agencies are you also working with on this project? Will you need Executionists to be the main project manager?

Current Website (if applicable): Current (or intended) website URL.

Business Goals:

Please provide a concise statement about the goal or purpose of the website.

Competitive positioning, how does your company differentiate itself from competitors? Please list competitor URLs you find compelling and why.

If you have a current website, what areas of the site are successful and why? Please list any shortcomings of the website or anything you would like changed. Have you conducted usability tests or gathered visitor feedback?


Do you have a brand style guide? Do you have a logo? Does your company/organization have a tagline?

How important is it to maintain your current look, feel, logo, and branding?

Describe visual elements that should be utilized from your current site or marketing materials (iconography, graphics, photos, etc.).

Use a few adjectives to describe how your site visitor should perceive the new site. (Examples include prestigious, friendly, corporate, fun, forward-thinking, innovative, and cutting edge.) How is your company currently perceived offline? Do you want to carry the same kind of message through your website?


Whom can we talk to in your organization to help respond to technical issues?

Will you need any of the following?

  • Hosting services
  • Search
  • Registration (log-in / membership)
  • Survey/voting tools
  • Calendars
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Secure areas
  • Photo gallery
  • Blog
  • Website translation
  • Multiple user roles
  • Video / audio
  • PDF and other downloads
  • E-commerce
  • Specific plugins and extensions

Would you like us to import data from the old site? What data?

Does the site need to integrate with any pre-existing database? If so, what kind of database is currently being used? (Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.). Will you be using any scripts or code that have already been established?


Do you have content for the site? If not, will you be creating content in-house or using an outside provider? How will the content of this site differ from your current site?

Do you already have a sitemap or outline for the proposed content organization?

Do you have imagery or photos you want to provide? What format and resolution are they?

Would you like us to manage copy writing, photography or videography?

Marketing / Audience:

Describe a typical site visitor. How often are they online, what do they use the website for? Include basic demographics: age, occupation, income level, purchasing habits. (Use as much detail as possible in profiling your target. Profile more than one type if appropriate.)

What is the primary “action” (conversion) the site visitor should take when coming to your site (i.e. make a purchase, become a member, search for information)?

What are some of the key reasons the target audience chooses your companyʼs products and/or services (cost, service, value)? What is the overall message you are trying to convey to your target audience? (IE cost effective, secure, reliable, efficient.)

Do you have Analytics installed on the current site? Would you like support with analytics?

Do you have an email marketing account and or CRM set up? If so, which vendor(s) do you use?

Do you want the ability for users to share content/products via social channels?

Do you have any social media channels enabled? (which ones?)

Have you tried PPC campaigns, what were the results?

Do you have a marketing spend/budget in mind?

Do you have an inbound or outbound marketing strategy?

What’s your average ROI from Online Leads? What percentage of your leads or customers do you get through online advertising?


Describe what you will be selling (hard goods, services, downloadable product).

Do products have particular features? (Please describe all options and configurations of size, color, strap, finish, etc.)

How many product categories? How many products initial and how many products in a year?

Do you need particular search filters for searching the product catalog?

Do you need to integrate with any ERP or 3PL?

How will you be managing inventory?

Will you be generating coupon codes, discounts? Describe how youʼd like these to work.

Will there be any particular shipping rules (free shipping over a certain cost, flat rate, table rates, etc.) What shippers will you be using?

Which payment gateways and services do you want to offer? (PayPal, Google Wallet, bank transfer, COD, check/ money etc.).

Would you want your store to sync with eBay or Amazon account?

Do you want to allow customer reviews?

Do you want to enable customers to create and save wishlists?

There that wasn’t hard was it?

The answers to these questions and others, provide the information that a digital agency requires. It is rare for a potential client to approach us with the entire questionnaire filled out. Of course, we can also get the answers we need through discussions with the client.